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Learning Centre – Drilling Operations Tramming & Setting Up the Drill Site

Our first step – even before we start tramming, is both the Supervisor and Driller will head down to the drill site and perform a pre site inspection.

We’ll also make sure that the DRILL SITE PREP LIST, has been filled in and signed off by our team, SHIFT BOSS and GEO before we begin.

Once this has been completed, we’ll secure the drill site and then start moving our equipment from the workshop to the drill site.

Ours rigs will be escorted by our LVs, and it’s important to remember they tram between 5-to-10km/h for future planning.

When we have reached the drill site, we’ll perform a final inspection and refer to the drill plans to get the rig into the correct position.

Apart from our rig, we’ll also be setting up our mud-mixing tanks, connecting the air and waterlines and we’ll also need access to plug into a 1000-VOLT BLUE JUMBO BOX.

It’s important to our operations that we’re able to connect to air and waterlines as this is allows us to use the rock drill, air legs and keep the rig cool.


To help you better understand our operations, we differentiate our moves with the following:

After we have finished at the drill site and before we move to the next one, we will complete and have signed off the new DRILL SITE PREP LIST.

So that’s tramming and if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out – would love to help.

That’s a wrap!

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