BIF & Ultramafic Formations

At Webdrill, our talented operations team specialises in providing solutions and execution for the various challenges faced by two very different formations.

The team understands the challenges that the Banded Iron Formations present to our clients utilise their knowledge and skillset to customise the drilling styles to suit the challenges associated with the BIF being drilled.

Bit selection accompanied with altered drilling methods ensure that hole completion is achieved with minimal consumable costs as we strive for the most optimal productivity and sample possible.

Through the Banded Iron Formation, Webdrill are constantly aiming to reduce costs and run efficiently as possible by engaging in regular product trials. This allows our clients to make smart business decisions faster and accurately in scopes that historically have been much more expensive and time consuming to achieve due the abrasion and slow penetration rates generally
encountered when drilling BIF “Banded Iron Formations”.

All This & More Makes Webdrill The #1 Choice When It Comes To Your BIF & Ultramafic Needs


We Care About Our Crews

Focusing on our teams’ physical health, mental health and safety performance is so important. We’re one big work family, so we run wellbeing workshops for our crew (and partnering clients!) to ensure a safe and positive environment.

We also make sure our talent flies home to their families every break!

Communication Is
Important To Us

At Webdrill, we want to change the underground drilling industry and do things a lot differently to what you might be used to.

That’s why we have clear lines of communication at all levels of the company and make sure your operation is running smoothly and on schedule with first-class customer service.


Our Prices Are Fair

At Webdrill, we strive to make underground diamond drilling accessible and affordable for every business – wherever you are on your journey.

For all of our clients, we offer a highly-competitive and totally transparent cost per metre with a clear focus on value for money – just as it should be.

Our Industry Expertise Is Second To None

We have a passionate, experienced team that lives and breathes underground diamond drilling.

Building a positive culture is important to us, and only the most ambitious and skilled talent is invited to join Webdrill.

That’s why our talent turnover is so low and we can pass on a safe and productive performance to you.


We Work With Companies of All Sizes

We partner with businesses of all different sizes to optimise their drilling operations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a smaller company or a major organisation – we can help you with drilling solutions.

When it comes to our performance, we deliver a high-quality service to the short-scope jobs just as we would for a long-term client.

We Have Strong Values

More than anything, we want to partner with people and organisations who share the same values we do. We prefer to employ and work with businesses who are truly aligned with our values and code of conduct.

We believe that people do business with people – so it’s incredibly important to us that we align with the right clients.


Client Acknowledgements


We recently used Webdrill to complete a 3,000m underground drill program at our underground project near Southern Cross.
From the moment the crew turned up on site to the day they were very professional in their manner with an emphasis on safety and producing good quality drill core.


Mark Rigby

Minjar Gold


Pantoro embarked on what has become a productive partnership on the development of the Nicolson Gold project with Webdrill selected as the preferred contractor in March 2016. The safe, professional and timely delivery of quality underground diamond

drilling services has played a key role in the Company’s increased understanding of the deposit. This work has culminated in a significant increase in Mineral Resource in just over 12 months since underground drilling commenced. I have no hesitation in recommending Jared and his team to any prospective client.

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Scott Huffadine

Operations Director Pantoro Ltd

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