Nickel Shear Drilling

At Webdrill, our highly-experienced teams have successfully completed several programs across the globe drilling through challenging Nickel shear zones.

Through years of experience and our refined expertise, we’ve been successful in completing several scopes for our clients that had been previously abandoned due to their difficulty. This has allowed many of our clients
to uncover massive ore bodies that were previously not possible
until they worked with our talented drilling team.

We combine various time management techniques with our arsenal of drilling methods to confidently maintain hole completion for our clients – all with minimal down time and reduced overall cost per metre.

Here’s What You Get With Our First-Class Service Offering…


All This & More Makes Webdrill The #1 Choice When It Comes To Your Nickel Shear Drilling Needs


We Care About Our Crews

Focusing on our teams’ physical health, mental health and safety performance is so important. We’re one big work family, so we run wellbeing workshops for our crew (and partnering clients!) to ensure a safe and positive environment.

We also make sure our talent flies home to their families every break!

Communication Is
Important To Us

At Webdrill, we want to change the underground drilling industry and do things a lot differently to what you might be used to.

That’s why we have clear lines of communication at all levels of the company and make sure your operation is running smoothly and on schedule with first-class customer service.


Our Prices Are Fair

At Webdrill, we strive to make underground diamond drilling accessible and affordable for every business – wherever you are on your journey.

For all of our clients, we offer a highly-competitive and totally transparent cost per metre with a clear focus on value for money – just as it should be.

Our Industry Expertise Is Second To None

We have a passionate, experienced team that lives and breathes underground diamond drilling.

Building a positive culture is important to us, and only the most ambitious and skilled talent is invited to join Webdrill.

That’s why our talent turnover is so low and we can pass on a safe and productive performance to you.


We Work With Companies of All Sizes

We partner with businesses of all different sizes to optimise their drilling operations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a smaller company or a major organisation – we can help you with drilling solutions.

When it comes to our performance, we deliver a high-quality service to the short-scope jobs just as we would for a long-term client.

We Have Strong Values

More than anything, we want to partner with people and organisations who share the same values we do. We prefer to employ and work with businesses who are truly aligned with our values and code of conduct.

We believe that people do business with people – so it’s incredibly important to us that we align with the right clients.


Client Acknowledgements


After my first contact with Jared Webb, who moves quickly, the Webdrill team worked with us getting a contract ready and a drill rig in our Frogs Leg Mine operating in under two weeks.

Webdrill was able to provide a fully staffed

drill rig during a time of tight market conditions.

Webdrill has provided a high quality professional service.

The management team has been on top of key issues from the start to ensure safety and production has met expectations.

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Joe Fabrizio

Mine Geology Superintendent for Evolution Mining


Webdrill recently completed a diamond drill campaign at our Second Fortune mine in Kookynie and has been my second experience working with the Webdrill team.

Webdrill completed the program on time,

under budget and without incident.

Their experienced personnel and well maintained equipment combined with a passion for what they do drives them to exceed client expectationswhilst maintaining an excellent safety record.

We look forward to working with Webdrill for our future programs up at Second Fortune.

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Andy Rich

Linden Gold

Featured In


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