We’re Probably Not The Diamond Drillers You’re Used To

At Webdrill, we provide a suite of professional, outcome-focused drilling solutions that drive your mining projects forward. And if you need to run a successful drilling program, we’re the people you talk to. Whether it’s dewatering, care of maintenance drilling, exploration or something else, Webdrill has you covered. But we do things differently…

We believe drilling results need to be achieved in the best way. That’s why we treat each and every one of our clients, partners and talent with the trust and respect they deserve. We’re on a mission to become Australia’s leading diamond drilling company with a clear focus on making a positive impact on the world.

Combining Drilling Expertise With a Passion For Positivity

Drilling’s in our blood. And we realised that things needed to change in the industry.

More than anything, we’re committed to providing an environment that lets our talent deliver consistently outstanding results for our clients –
all while learning and growing as individuals.

Everyone involved with Webdrill loves what they do.

More Than Just a Team

If you’re working with Webdrill, you’re part of our family – whoever you are. Clients, partners, suppliers, talent – we’re all working together to achieve great things and make a positive difference on the world.

We go beyond results to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of every single person we work with on our journey.

Becoming The Provider With An Elite Reputation

You don’t build an underground diamond drilling company overnight. And it took a lot of hard work to get us where we are today – the diamond drilling specialists in Australia that you can always rely on. Before we become a part of your story, we want to take a moment to tell you ours. Here’s the Webdrill journey so far…

The Story So Far...




Working out of our home office,
we built our business foundations. Jared flew to the Atlas Copco Orebro facility in Sweden to research the latest equipment and RIG capabilities. That same year we both attended Diggers & Dealers representing Webdrill.




Jared and Sheree Webb (that’s us!) realised we had the chance to start our own diamond drilling company after working in the industry since 1996. We took the first step to providing mining companies with a premium service and quality product.




Safety is a huge part of our culture.
And, two years after our first contract, we celebrated the milestone of 730 days LTI free.  Michael Farr joined the team out at Nicolsons as a
drill supervisor.


And later that year, we employed Bev in Administration and Rick in Purchasing – expanding our office to fit everyone in! We won our first international job in Slovakia for European Cobalt Ltd, with Sion proudly representing our team to assist with drilling and training.

The Perth office support for the site teams came as we began our expansion from a single contract operator out into the resources sector. RIG03 began its journey in showcasing to our clients how Webdrill does business across WA – with
Michael supervising.




We purchased LV01 and RIG01 Diamec Skid Rig and won our first tender with Pantoro at Nicolson’s Gold Mine. Still running a small team, Jared, Sion and Zac drilled on-site while Sheree managed the office duties.

The new relationship with Pantoro continued to grow throughout 2017 with RIG02 and RIG03 joining the fleet - and we still work together to this day.




We committed to more projects and delivered more outstanding results for our clients. We moved out of our home office (finally!) and into our new premises based in Balcatta. Our focus on safety continued as we celebrated 1,095 days LTI free.

Daniel Fox joined the family as Maintenance Supervisor and Michael Farr was promoted to Operations Manager -
as our core values and expansion are featured in Mining News!

  • Adaman Resources, Corinthia
  • Matsa Resources, Red October
  • Poseidon Nickel, Silver Swan
  • BHP, Leinster Nickel Operations
  • Black Mountain Metals, Lanfranchi
  • Heron Resources, Woodlawn Project




Webdrill is growing faster than ever and making a real difference in the drilling industry. With 69 team members and 9 RIGs, we’ve just won another long term tender with Westgold Resources.

We’ve moved to our new larger facility in Landsdale and started our wellbeing partnership with some of the best industry leaders.

  • BHP, Cliffs Nickel Operations
  • Pantoro, Norseman
  • Round Oak Minerals, Jaguar
  • Westgold Resources, Paddy’s Flat

Celebrated 1460 Days LTI Free




2020 was a challenging year for everyone - professionally and personally. So we know it’s more important than ever to meet these challenges head on and make a positive impact on the world.

This year we were proud to introduce a new EAP counselling service to our Webdrill talent & their families. Where they have immediate support and contact when they need it. This program partnership is with the heart centred team at Therapy Focus. It is the first of its kind in Australia and already making a positive impact to our teams wellbeing.
To end the year we had 13 RIGS in the fleet!

  • Linden Gold Alliance, Second Fortune
  • Evolution Mining, Frogs leg
  • Mincor Resources NL, Long Shaft & Cassini
  • Barto Gold Mining, Marvel Loch



We expanded our team in HQ with the addition of Gerard Carroll aka G our Financial Controller and his talented team. Adding to that we have successfully recruited Ross Elliot as our Maintenance Manager, we are excited to embark on our new journey of the MCR rebirth program and the innovation, design and configuration of the new class of MCRs coming out of our Webdrill facility. In the years ahead, Webdrill will continue to lead the change when it comes to the mining sector and creating a different culture for the drilling industry.

With 16 RIGS in the fleet, the futures bright with lots of opportunities and we can’t wait to share our journey with you!

  • Barto, Marvel Loch
  • Dacian Gold, Mt Morgans
  • Karora, Higginsville
  • Linden Gold Alliance, Second Fortune
  • Pantoro, Norseman
  • Cherish Metals, Lanfranchi



2023 has been a year of growth Webdrill developed their first ever MCR rig rebuild with the internal maintenance team who implemented over 96 innovations and modifications to create our very own Webdrill spec!

We celebrated an amazing 2576 Days LTI free! We partnered with Performance Story CEO Peta Slocombe, a new EAP service not only supporting our team in crisis and also in the pre-emptive, leadership and high-level coaching area.

The site teams performed well throughout the year, achieving, many 100m plus shifts across the WA region.

The management team ventured to New Zealand and Alaska for future international opportunities. We are excited for 2024!

  • Lunnon Metals, West Idough
  • Ora Banda, Riverina
  • Northern Star, Thunderbox
  • Cherish Metals, Lanfranchi
  • Poseiden Nickel, Black Swan



March 2024, Webdrill reached a monumental milestone of 8 years in business and LTI free!

This incredible feat is a testament to the unwavering commitment to safety, professionalism, and excellence demonstrated by every member of the Webdrill team. Their dedication to maintaining a safe work environment has resulted in a remarkable record of zero lost time injuries over the past 8 years.

Congratulations to the entire Webdrill family for this outstanding accomplishment! Your relentless focus on safety is an inspiration to the industry. Your commitment to protecting the well-being of your team mates is commendable and and a standard example for others to follow. As that’s what it’s all about — bringing our people home safe to their families.

Here's to many more years of success, growth, and most importantly, a continued commitment to safety.

Our mission and focus is to have 30 RIGs in the fleet by 2029

Partner With Webdrill To Get All The Support You Need.

If you’re looking to drill underground safely and efficiently, it’s time to team up with a provider who cares about success just as much as you do. At Webdrill, we go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results for your business. No job is too big or too small – and it’s our job
to keep your mining operations in safe hands.