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Join us for another informative instalment of Webdrill’s FAQ series! This time, we’re diving into the world of water usage for our drilling operations. As this is a question that gets asked frequently from our clients. Water plays a crucial role in keeping our drill rigs running smoothly. One of its primary uses is to cool the coolers (heat exchange) on our rigs, ensuring the hydro oil stays at a comfortable temperature between 50/60 degrees. Additionally, water is utilised to keep the drill holes clean and to facilitate the drilling process through our drill bits. But here’s the best part: the water we use doesn’t go to waste! After serving its purpose, it gradually makes its way back into the tank, where it is then pumped to a sump. From there, it undergoes further treatment before being pumped to rising mains and brought back to the surface. This way, we can recycle and reuse a significant amount of water, ensuring a sustainable water supply for our operations and the minesite. At Webdrill, we understand the importance of responsible water management. By recycling and reusing water in our drilling processes, we minimise our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Jared Webb

CEO, Webdrill

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