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Today, we’re going to be discussing our Toyota Fleet.

Let’s get right to it!

At Webdrill we only run Toyota vehicles in our fleet.

We buy brand new vehicles only and we send them directly to Autospark for all the specific mine site specifications to be added. We have done a lot of work with the team at AutoSpark to ensure the reliability of the electrical systems in our vehicles. This is something we take very seriously as it contributes to the efficiency of the drill crews and their productivity.

The vehicles used are as follows;

  1. The Toyota Land Cruiser Single Cab which is what we call a RIG allocated vehicle. This is the vehicle the drill crew take underground each day to conduct their duties.
  1. The same Single Cab vehicle is also fitted with a Kevrek Crane on the tray and this is generally the site Supervisors vehicle.
  1. The second style of vehicle is the Toyota Land Cruiser Dual Cab. We use the dual cabs in the fleet to act as an all-rounder vehicle, such as RIG allocated, site commuter vehicle on single rig sites and the field service vehicles.
  1. The third type of vehicle we have is a Toyota Hiace Van for the commuter vehicle for sites that have 2+ RIGS or more.

We run all of these vehicles across our operations and now you have seen what standard to expect from Webdrill when we arrive on site.

So that’s our Toyota Fleet, we hope you have found that helpful. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions.

That’s a wrap!

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Jared Webb

CEO, Webdrill

Content in this Learning Centre is directed at you, the customer, to give you a better understanding of who Webdrill is, how we operate, and what our standards are.

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