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Learning Centre – Surface Workshop Setup

Today, we’re going to continue discussing our drilling operations and talk about how we set up our workshops.

This flows on from our previous videos on drilling operations, so don’t forget to check those videos, if you haven’t already.

Let’s get right to it!

After we’ve unloaded the sea containers from the float with a crane, we’ll setup around a 6x8m concrete pad on the surface. Then we’ll erect a 6m dome between these two sea containers, and then place an office sea container at the back to form our workshop.

These containers will be on blocks to improve airflow and in case of heavy rain, it doesn’t flood.

We’ll also need power to the workshop so we can run lights at nighttime and for the office which comes with LED lights and 15amp power sockets.

With the setup, we will be able to work on both our LVs and Rigs with ease.

On the surface, next to the workshop will also store things like our drilling fluids and spare rod strings and you’ll see a professional and OCD setup because we like to be very tidy.

We believe that keeping the workshop immaculate, means if you – the client, haven’t seen our rigs underground, you know that they are maintained to a similar standard.

So that’s, another quick video about our drilling operations and like always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

That’s a wrap!

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Jared Webb

CEO, Webdrill

Content in this Learning Centre is directed at you, the customer, to give you a better understanding of who Webdrill is, how we operate, and what our standards are.

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