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Learning Centre – Premobilisation Site Visit

In this video, we will be discussing our premobilisation site visits and what you – the customer can expect.

So, let’s get right to it!

Once we have been advised of the tender win by the customer, someone from our Management Team – Michael, Sion or I will plan a site visit well before our rigs and team arrive. We love to do this around the maps table in the Geology office and chat about the first drill programs, site prestart checklists and what to expect.

We also like to follow up with an email, asking a few questions, like “who is your maintenance manager and safety officer”, so that we can get their details and get the ball rolling and have our risk assessment and paperwork ready even before we arrive on site. We like a smooth transition as we arrive on site.

This is just to make sure when we do rock with all our equipment – RIGs, LVs, and our crew, you will have a general understanding of who we are, and who the supervisor is.

In the perfect world, what we would love to do, is to spend time with the Site Supervisor in a Premobilisation Introduction Meeting. From here, we will also introduce ourselves to the rest of your team – from maintenance to safety and even administration. You’ll also get a glimpse of our vehicle standards, the rig and if you have any questions, we would love address them here and put you at ease that you have made the right choice.

So that’s what that meeting is all about and have any questions or would like to know more reach out to us so we can discuss further about how we can provide our services to your business.

That’s a wrap!

So… Is Your Business Ready To Leverage Fast, Safe And High-Quality Underground Drilling Services In Australia?

Jared Webb

CEO, Webdrill

Content in this Learning Centre is directed at you, the customer, to give you a better understanding of who Webdrill is, how we operate, and what our standards are.

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