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Today, we’re going to be discussing the Devico products.

Let’s get right to it!

At Webdrill we have partnered with the Down Hole Surveys team and the Devico products as we recognize them as the current market leaders in Survey.


The first point I would like to touch on is the DeviCloud. The DeviCloud is as its name states, a cloud hosted platform where the Geologist logs into and uploads the hole details and parameters for the drilling program.


The DeviAligner is the tool that we use to clamp on the rod and align our drill rig over the collar point before drilling. This tool receives information from the DeviCloud and the details are in the handpiece for the driller to see. What I like about this is the elimination of one more data entry step to reduce mistakes from human error. Once the drill rig has been setup over the collar, this information is in the handpiece which the driller has with him at all times while UG.

Some of the benefits of the DeviAligner are that it has twin batteries so you can hot change batteries and the tool keeps running. The longer this tool runs the more accurate it gets, so we leave it running at the drill site before hole moves!


The DeviGyro is in my opinion the fastest, most robust and easiest tool to use on the market today. The O X or the OX as its called is the overshot survey tool. What this means is that we survey the hole while pulling inner tubes of core out of the rods, so no lost time or survey time charged to you the customer.

We still survey at the industry standard intervals of 30m sections of the drill hole until the end of hole. And a point worth making is each survey is a collar to bit face survey every time. Then all surveys are laid over each other for QA/QC to get the complete EOH survey. I don’t think you can get any more accurate than that!

What’s even better is the driller having the ability to do a quick QA/QC right there at the drill site and see how the hole is tracking on the screen of the handpiece.

For more in-depth information about the Devico products that we choose to run please see our FAQs video where I sat with Mike and we discuss the tools and surveying in much more detail.

So that’s our DeviGyro video, we hope you have found that helpful. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions.

That’s a wrap!

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Jared Webb

CEO, Webdrill

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